Nissrine Fessikh
27-08-2021 7 min read

IA, Marketing Automation & Multi-Channel Marketing: Trends In Serving Digital

With 2020 being hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, marketing Digital has seen a huge surge, prompting companies to take more interest in this branch of marketing in order to continue offering their products or services.

Marketers have turned their full attention to the digital spectrum, having in mind several trends that have gained notoriety in 2021 and will apparently maintain a rise in 2022.

Here are a few trends estimated to be important in 2022 that will shape your approach to digital marketing and help you make informed decisions when it comes to using technology for business or personal purposes.


The rise of AI in digital marketing


Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used by many companies in all industries, including retail, banking, healthcare, etc.

AI is also used as an effective tool for marketing purposes.

AI not only automates basic tasks such as website traffic reports but can also recommend keywords to optimize a company's organic search ranking or even predict what customers are likely to buy in the future based on their past purchases and browsing history.

This means that by 2022, it will be important to use AI in conjunction with SEO and other digital marketing strategies if you are looking to rank higher on search engines like Google.

AI is revolutionizing the way marketers approach digital marketing and businesses should consider using this technology as well.




Digital tasks and Marketing Automation


As technology continues to advance, marketing automation tools are becoming increasingly popular.

Marketing automation allows marketers to automate repetitive tasks in real time, using a variety of marketing channels.

Some tasks that can be automated are saving time in researching and compiling data, managing social media posts by scheduling them in advance, or sending pre-written email templates to customers who haven't opened your emails in the past few days!

In 2022, automation will become more important for companies, as it will allow marketers to spend more time on strategic and higher-level tasks.


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Multi-channel marketing for a connected digital experience


Connecting with customers today means using multiple interaction channels. Gone are the days of relying solely on websites and cold calling!

Multi-channel marketing can involve blogging, website, social media and Whatsapp group presence in addition to hosting webinars/events or attending conferences!

It's not enough for companies to focus on one channel - they need an integrated approach that allows them time to create content for each platform while maintaining their brand voice.

In 2022, companies need to build a strong customer base using as many marketing and communication channels as possible!





It's important to be aware of upcoming trends so you can prepare now and stay ahead of the competition.

The future of marketing is based on AI. So the sooner a company starts investing in AI, the more likely they will succeed!




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