The Digital Brunch
What is it?

Initiated by the TNC - TheNext.Click Group and Mediamatic, the Digital Brunch is a quarterly meeting of marketing, communication, and digital professionals during which several issues are discussed with national and international experts.

Through this initiative, the TNC - TheNext.Click and Mediamatic group aims to share, exchange and build tomorrow's strategies.

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Hélène Chartier
Executive Director at SRI France

"Digital advertising is an infinite advertising space and therefore complicated to market, hence the importance of programmatic advertising which has arrived today to organize, compete and auction all these advertising spaces. The challenge for advertisers is to offer their prospects and customers "the right message, to the right person, at the right time".

Eric Schnubel
Executive Director at IAB France

"We see a transformation of the business, relationships between partners, and in this context there we wanted to share with the Moroccan public a number of technological issues, but also human issues because, behind the technology, there are humans who must operate and process."

Amine Raihani

“The most successful ads on TikTok don’t look like ads. What TikTok has unique compared to other platforms in the machine learning that works at the backend which makes sure that the content only goes out to users who are interested in that specific content”

Kaoutar Benazzi
Havas Programmatic Hub

"Programmatic, beyond being a generic word, is the ability to automate all purchases through different platforms. What you have to keep in mind is that we are in a digital and programmatic environment, so we are able to track everything and learn and optimize."