Digital Marketing Predictions


Liana Tech has compiled some key figures and factors to ensure that marketers are well prepared for what lies ahead. And this until 2022.


Content marketing will be content selling


More and more marketers are realizing the importance of content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute report, 93% of the most successful content marketers report that their companies are extremely very committed to content marketing.



Companies are changing their approach to creating marketing content. That is why the term content selling comes into play.

It basically means that the content should be created to support the sales process. Marketing teams need to have a strategic approach to their content creation and need to align their content strategy with the customer journey. In addition, it is crucial to measure the impact of content marketing on sales. This can be done by setting up the right KPIs for your content marketing.


Hyper-targeted advertising


If you are in the marketing field, the term banner blindness should be familiar to you.

What does it mean? People tend to ignore ads since most of them are irrelevant and intrusive. However, while people may feel overwhelmed by bad ads, the good ones don't really bother them.

According to research conducted by Digital Connections, 49% of people will ignore a brand that bombards them with ads or that they consider irrelevant; while 36% of respondents are more likely to buy products from a brand that sends them personalized messages.

This means that the future of digital advertising is to expose users to highly relevant ads and use highly targeted audiences.


The evolution of AI

We are reaching a stage where Artificial Intelligence is no longer a buzzword. AI technologies will soon be introduced to digital marketing and will have a huge impact on it.

Liana's PR & Media solution contains an AI feature that recognizes the tone of online discussions and news stories, and can also analyze content to show you only what would be of interest. It can also track where your press releases have been published and how they have been received.



And more features to come!




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