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Nissrine Fessikh
06-10-2021 6 min read

What is changing on YouYube in 2021: audiences, creation and the buying journey

This is a fast-moving trend, and this report from Youtube shows us what is changing on the platform in 2021, from audiences to content creation to the buying journey.


Increased time spent, TV screen, longer content


Médiamétrie has been measuring the time spent on YouTube for two years now, and this allows us to better define the profile of its audience. The 2021 figures show a record level of engagement on the platform: 70% of 15-24-year-olds visit the platform daily and spend more than an hour a day on average. The 25-49-year-olds spend 30 minutes a day on the platform.

Beyond engagement, new viewing habits are being confirmed. Nearly a third of French people watch YouTube on their television, making it the second most popular medium after mobile phones. Alone or with others (for 60% of them), they consult longer content and spend more time there.




More simple and more professional: the renewed creation


The high level of engagement on YouTube also reflects the vitality of creation on the platform.

On the one hand, the growing professionalism of creators is reflected in the number of YouTube channels generating 5-figure revenues or more, which has increased by 30% compared to last year.

At the same time, young creators have an easier time getting started and creating content with new features like Shorts. Its aim is to make video production easier so that this new generation of talent can express its creativity and find its community. And since its launch, Shorts has generated over 15 billion daily views worldwide.




YouTube becoming more present in the buying process


The last notable change in this year marked by strong growth in digital: video commerce, i.e. the ever-increasing role of video in our purchasing paths. We watch a recipe on YouTube to make our list of ingredients, we consult a DIY tutorial before going to the shop or we watch a designer's unboxing to get an idea of a product to buy online. There is no shortage of examples!

These new paths are anchored on the platform from the inspiration phase to the transaction phase. 60% of users buy a product after researching it on YouTube6. For brands, it is an opportunity to showcase their products. L'Oréal has used augmented reality to get people to try and buy its lipsticks in an advertising format. Louis Vuitton used YouTube Live to allow people to watch its fashion show live on TV.

On YouTube, the uses of Internet users and the business opportunities for brands are renewed every year. This is also the case for the content proposed by designers. AgriTubers, slow living, women's sports, body positivity: what are the latest trends that have experienced strong growth? And how can advertisers take advantage of them?



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