Nissrine Fessikh
19-07-2021 5 min read

The 4 Key Digital Trends Of 2022

Here are the 4 digital trends expected to take the lead in 2022:


1- Interactive marketing


An excellent, powerful and responsive website that aims to provide the best user experience has always been essential. However, with the pandemic, it becomes even more important. So now, you need to go further and offer new teasers to attract traffic to your company's website. Adding interactive elements to your website or social network is a great way to add value for your visitors. Moreover, it associates them with your brand and learns more about your products.


Revenus générés par les différentes plateformes en 2020 et qui sont en hausse constante

Revenues generated by the various platforms in 2020 and which are constantly increasing


2- Micro-influencer marketing


For many years, influencer marketing has been widely used as a marketing strategy. Initially, brands thought it would be more beneficial to work with large influencers. Also known as macro-influencers, these people have millions of fans.

In 2020, we've seen the emergence of a new tier in this select professional group: micro-influencers. This generation is becoming increasingly popular among followers and marketers. This has increased since people discovered their influence on buying decisions.

 Micro-influencers provide more loyal followers. This way, in most cases, your followers are more focused on actively engaging with your content.


Marketing de micro-influenceurs


3- User-generated content - the highlight of digital marketing trends in 2022


As indicated by its name, user-generated content (UGC) is content created by your customers and users. As a result, the brand does not interfere directly with this material, it can be the most diverse format:

Reviews of brand-owned publications, Text and video posts on users' social networks, Reviews on blogs and specialized publications, Reviews on social networks and platforms such as Trip Advisor, iFood, Yelp, among others.



Starbucks promotes customer designs, makes them, and then sells them


4- Live, one of the most important trends in digital marketing in 2022


Over the past year, live video has quickly become one of the most popular types of online content. After all, Instagram Live and Facebook Live have become even more popular. About 20% of Facebook videos were live and one million Instagram users were watching them every day.

Since those numbers came out, other platforms have adopted the format. Currently, Twitter, YouTube, and, more recently, even LinkedIn are also exploring live videos.




In 2019, Internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video. While this number has certainly grown on its own, the global crisis has certainly contributed to its growth. Today, live video has become an essential channel for many industries.





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